The days keep rolling by

This morning I didn’t have any off the wall thoughts. Actually it was a great morning. Him and I went to bed together and woke up together. That’s not normal for us. But I hope it does become the normal. 

I don’t say his name because I’m not sure he would enjoy that…

I took a test today over what I don’t understand… Not sure how I did. Hopefully better than I thought. I usually have no problems with school. I’m pretty book smart. I just don’t apply myself. I’ve only gotten straight A’s once and that’s because I didn’t have any friends. But then again, not much has changed… I still don’t have any friends. 

At one point in my relationship I was second guessing my relationship, but last night I realized why I have stayed so long with my baby. He truly has a good heart. Even though he says he hasn’t been reading my blogs, he asked how it was going and if I wanted to talk to him about anything. And truthfully I don’t… I don’t want to be a sobbing mess. He just pulls the most out of my head, he always knows when I have more to say but not saying it. I really believe he cares about me, his basket case…. 

I want this blog to be about everything I’m feeling, what’s going on in my life, what my thoughts are, but sometimes I get embarrassed and just erase it and write an edited version… But it still helps to get some of my thoughts out. One of my dreams is to write a book. I have no clue about what, but it’s what I want. My biggest secret is that I want to be an author. He’s the only one that knows about it. And I love it. He tells me I could be. Now the reason it’s a secret is because the people who went to high school with me got made fun of for wanting to write for a living.  One can dream. 

Well I’ve got to pay attention now. Have a good day everyone!



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