What a day…

Ugh. What a holiday weekend. I’m sick as a dog with a migraine, I’ve been working nonstop. Today was the first day I had off in a very long time. Sadly I had to work tonight. I’ve got two jobs, one day time and the other night time. I sure do wish I would have called off but that wouldn’t work. This is what us third shifts call the holiday. I work every single day this week/weekend. I don’t think I’ll have a day off for about 10 days. Someone, please save me. I’m very stressed out today. I’m a little doped up, so I’m not 100% sure this post is even going to make sense… (I’ve taken a ton of meds to try and get rid of this damn migraine.) 

I think bubs and I are actually going to go on date tomorrow. I think him and I get 1 date a year. I’m glad he sees that I work my ass off just so we can fix his issues. (I have decided I’m not going to tell you the reason for his issues. Its not my business to tell and its a really tragic moment in his life.) I think our date is going to be Steak’N’Shake. We will get milkshakes and talk. My bubs is happy to get anything peanut butter and they just got a new peanut butter milkshake. I use to bake him all kinds of peanut butter goodies. God, where did that honeymoon love go? When did we get so vanilla? We were so happy and in love with no worries in the world. I think we just fell into a pattern. Although, I wouldn’t choose anyone else to be in this pattern with. 

You know, I wrote a list of things I wanted to write about and what I wanted to update. I think I’m actually going to stick to it. Warning, its not all pretty. I want to write about my past and what kind of conditions I grew up in. Some fucked up shit has happens. *I have a potty mouth! I said no editing of my posts.* 

When I was younger I was in choir. We had a huge show called Show Time. It was all four choirs packed into a 2 hour long show with no break in there. We sang and dance every single song we preformed. It was the best time of my life. I could sing. I was significantly smaller than I am now. I won’t say I was happier, but I was doing okay. I got by. We preformed two nights for the public, one school day for the middle school, and then another schools day for the primary and intermediate schools. (My school district has 4 schools. Primary, intermediate, middle, and high school. Its odd, I know.) I just wish I was still brave enough to preform anything in front of anyone. It was a rush. I felt so alive. I met bubs in highschool. My freshman year we were partners in a song but I ended us getting appendicitis and almost didn’t get to preform with him. I honestly wouldn’t have missed that for the world. When we got to take a lunch between our performances he snuggled up with me and kept me warm. Seriously the best man ever. 

Well, I have to do some work. I might come back and make another post about something I plan to write about. 

Until then, 



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